Triple Laser Alignment System


This system is entirely universal on any car eliminating the compatibility worry - and the best part, accuracy is not compromised.

Fast, Easy, and Accurate

Fast, accurate measurements that can get the job done 10 times faster than a typical string wheel alignment. No strings to set up, be ready to go in just a single placement.

A Seamless, Consolidated Setup

Our 'all-in-one' design allows you to work on your car comfortably and not have to worry about tripping over your outdated equipment. No strings, heavy jack stands, engine blocks, or other heavy race car parts to "weight the string alignment system". Get right to business without having to start over every time you make a wrong move.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As each race approaches, it's normal to run short on time. Because of that, we find ourselves arriving to the track wondering how our car is set up for the weekend ahead. With our Triple Laser Alignment System, you save time and more importantly, know the exact setup of your car.

Breathtaking Precision: Learn more about the technology behind our systems

Triple Laser Racing Wheel Alignment System

Have you ever run late getting your race car ready for the Race Track?
Have you ever questioned how well your Race Car was Setup after you got to the Track?

  • 10 Times FASTER than string wheel alignments!

  • No strings to setup, or bump out of position.

  • No heavy Jack stands, engine blocks or other heavy race car parts to "weight the string alignment system"

  • This is the Ultimate Racing 3 Laser 4 Wheel Smart String Alignment System

You can throw your string wheel alignment system AWAY and you will be happy you did!!

$1999.00 with high power RED Lasers

$2589 with high power green lasers (green lasers are only needed in sunny environments)

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