Air Cylinder Bump Stop Spring Tester - 4000 lb

Air Cylinder Bump Stop Spring Tester - 4000 lb


Air Cylinder Powered

Quicker tests

Easier on your arms too!

11" STROKE - You can test springs to full compression coil bind - all in one setting.

  • Rate bump stops, sets preload
  • Change springs and keep ride heights and wheel weights the same
  • Test coil-over assemblies or just the springs
  • Digital force and travel measurements (1lb. and .001")
  • Includes a spring "Unloader" attachement to remove and install very soft springs (LF) and 2 collars (1 for each spring)
  • 4000 lb. capacity by 1 lb. - 11" travel by .001"
  • Optional wheel stand kit raises the base 20" off the ground - 2 wheels allow easier movement (PN 73503)

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