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Chassis Setup Equipment

Below are short descriptions of our best-sellers. To learn more information about a specific product, simply click the "Learn More" button in each caption.

Triple Laser Alignment System

This tool lets you set individual toe in and toe out angles for each side of the Race Car. Unlike most other systems, you are setting the toe angles tot he Race Car's center line to provide consistent and accurate results that will show on the track.

Digital Camber Caster Gauge


This gauge allows you to take quick, accurate camber AND caster measurements. This tool gives you your measurements in just seconds making it perfect for  the quick pit lane thrash or setting up your car in the shop.



Toe In, Toe Out Alignment Gauge

The Toe In, Toe Out Laser Alignment Gauge can measure race car, kart, and race truck toe down to .004", giving you a precise racing set up. Unlike other gauges on the market, our tool can measure both Toe In AND Toe Out. This system is a perfect match for our Digital Camber Caster Gauge.

Racing Scales & Setup Pads


With so many options to chose from, picking the ideal set of scales for your racing application can be tough. On our site, we included only our top selling scales. We sell all Longacre scale packages, however, they may  not all be shown here. Let us know if there is a Longacre set that you would like to buy that is not shown. Every Longacre product we sell comes with FREE SHIPPING!


Tire Tools & Accessories


Chassis Tools offers a select line of high quality tire tools and accessories that provide visible results to your performance. Tires are expensive. Let us help you get more out of your tires. Through hours of research and development, we believe that we can provide products to help you succeed. 



Springs, Shocks, and Suspension

Our complete line of static and dynamic suspension tools is second to none. Tune in your set up at the shop before you get to the track. Our line consists of spring, valve, and bump stop testers, shock pressure and inflation gauges, and much more! Take your preparation to the next level so you can maximize your track time and spend less money chasing the best set up.